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Aarron Spinley
5 min readSep 28, 2020



When I wonder, did the marketing and customer experience people lose their mojo? There is an almost cheerleader culture in the ranks, where we repeat catchphrases, slogans, and mantras without stopping to think. It’s as if, someone ran off with our brain. Well, I beg to differ!

Do you like my introduction?

I‘m using “provocative appeals” theory, where the principal (me!) seeks to provoke an audience into engagement through anti-establishment, or even extreme narrative. Now, I hope it worked, because I so want you to read this. But also, I’m serious.

The “Profession” — I’ll use that term to wrap up everyone that operates in the marketing, CX, eCommerce, loyalty, et al — is in a period of great change. Of this, there is no doubt.

The technological advancements in every domain, have been enough to make your head spin. Right across the business spectrum, but also right across the personal lives of every human on the planet.

The decade that ended on the 31st of December 2019, included the mass-scale adoption of the Internet from 2B users in 2012 to around 4.5B, the proliferation of mobile to the extent that it replaced the desktop as our “1st screen” by 2015, and who could forget the rise — and rise — of social media.

Humanity is Having a Say

But where the real rubber hits the real road, is our humanity.

At the same time that all this newfound digital capability was invading our lives, our society has been in a massive transformation. Our social constructs, values, and behaviors have all shifted, pivoted, and in some cases, completely morphed from decades-long norms.

In short, we are evolving. Fast.

Charles Darwin, 1880

Digital Darwinism, is defined as a period in which technology and society is evolving faster than businesses can naturally adapt to.



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