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Aarron Spinley


  • Released June 2023 — covered by industry media outlets
  • Pre-registrations from around the world
  • One of the first customer interaction reference models
  • Draws from marketing science, the social sciences, technology analysis, and established multi-disciplinary literature
  • An evidence-based challenge to common industry concepts


Companies are undermining the vital service layer needed to engage with customers, says independent analyst

An over-obsession with digital has weakened customer service, says Aarron Spinley


Sydney, June 23 — Companies are focusing too much on short-term digital transactions, and damaging the crucial services layer, says a new report, The Customer Engagement Stack, produced by independent analyst Aarron Spinley.

The report introduces a customer interactions model in response to the modern “technology paradox” of the digital era which Spinley said is central to the collapse of customer service globally. As digital culture has taken over more considered strategy, the everyday customer service imperative has been compromised.

“The main misadventure has been a general confusion between marketing and customer service, an obsession with and yet broad incomprehension of the term ‘experience’, a distorted reliance on a data culture, and the over-indexing on customer surveys,” Spinley said.

The report challenges the populist movements around personalisation, ‘experience management’, and the pervasive creep of short-term digital marketing into customer operations. He said that because neither marketing or customer management have barriers to entry, both lack consistent professional discipline, and the spread of marketing-based digital tactics has degraded customer operations.

According to the report, the Customer Engagement Stack is composed of three distinct layers, Offer Integrity, Service, and Experience. Spinley said companies typically adopt…



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