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When I wonder, did the marketing and customer experience people lose their mojo? There is an almost cheerleader culture in the ranks, where we repeat catchphrases, slogans, and mantras without stopping to think. It’s as if, someone ran off with our brain. Well, I beg to differ!

Do you like…

Edward Norton in ‘Fight Club’. Credit 20th Century Fox (1999)

“The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!”

As the boards of organizations across industries as far afield as banking and insurance, to retail, media, utilities, and telco all grapple…

Credit: Gettys

If you’re a parent, you will have noticed those signs at playgrounds, telling oblivious children to “Play with Caution”. No one expects kids to read them of course. Such signs are erected mainly to ensure liabilities have been denied, or limited, and insurance premiums modeled down. …

Needy. It’s a word you’ve probably heard. You could have even used it yourself, in which case you’ll be imaginging a deeply insecure person who places undue pressure on relationships, usually as they look for acceptance or belonging.

The more cruel colloquialism, usually found in the world of dating, may…

Mt Albert Rugby League Club Senior Team, 1965

I played a lot of rugby as a kid. A lot. I played all the way into my late teens, stopped for a while to study, work, live, drink, and fall over, and then hankering for the days of my youth, I played a season again in my early thirties.

Credit: BBC

So, get this. Three in four Australian consumers reckon that brands outright lie to them in marketing communications. Lie to them.

Kapow! Bam! Whacko! Smack! Boomfa!

But before we turn this into a 1960s re-run of Adam West’s Batman (look it up), let’s just all acknowledge: this is one heck…

Credit: Dreamstime

Ever notice that some things just don’t go together? Until they do, that is. For instance, two things that will never go together — certainly in my house — are brussels sprouts and ice cream. That’s a personal worldview.

Yet one of our favorite summer refreshers is a wonderful piece…

Aarron Spinley

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